Guangdong WIA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1994, Guangdong WIA Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the largest and most professional manufacturers of high-precision plastic injection molding machines in China.

Through decades’ year of research and design, we have made numerous technical breakthroughs and our products have won praise from customers around the world, many of whom have becomes our distributors. Our fully hydraulic four-cylinder structure has been awarded the patent by government of China, the USA, Japan and many European countries.

In 2003, we developed the first Chinese digital disc injection molding machine. This is a milestone of China’s plastic injection molding machine industry because never has any Chinese manufacturer made a disc injection molding machine before. Our repeatable accuracy of the final product is up to 0.14% and our injection speed is up to 1000mm/s and we the best choice for worldwide customer to product high-precision such as digital discs, light-guide boards and electronic components. Our machine could make light guide board at 0.4mm thickness. And our hydraulic system is highly tidy and clean and most suitable for food packing and medical appliance production.

  • DL High speed two planten
  • HD Series three platen injection molding machine
  • High speed PET bottle injection molding machine
  • ONLY Brand JPH-PET Equipment
  • ONLY brand C series injection molding machine
  • Powder Metallurgy MIM injection molding Machinery
  • PET Injection molding machine
  • Energy Saving injection molding machine
  • Medical plastic injection molding machine
  • JPMV-PET bottle special injection molding machin
  • JPM-PET cosmetics production making machine
  • Plastic Products Making Machinery

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