Plastic Processing Machinery – Maintenance

Unique Hydrau-Mech Services provide a variety of service for the Plastic processing machinery. We service the machines of all kind and brands.


Our friendly technicians can assist you to keep your equipment back in production in a minimum time to a reasonable cost. Breakdown maintenance is one our specialty.

As soon we check your machinery during a breakdown we will fix the broken components and we will follow a preventative procedure to avoid the same fault can be repeated again, at the same time we will advise you about what is required to do to keep your machinery in production without interruption.

Preventative maintenance program

We will assist you with a programmed preventative maintenance to avoid unwanted disruption of production. A good lubrication and cleaning of your machineries can protect you from costly repairs.

For any enquire about our preventative maintenance service call and we can visit your premises obligation free.

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